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This Microdosing package contains 12 grams of fresh psilocybin truffles divided in 12 vacuumed portions of 1 gram . Every portion is one microdose.

Microdosing is the term used to describe the consumption of psychedelic substances in such tiny amounts which won’t give any psychedelic experience but that will still provide all the benefits that our brain can gain from this substances.

Studies are showing how microdosing is helping lighting up certain areas of our brain by intensifying the average neuronal activity.
A consistent therapeutic use can lead to improved concentration , mood and creativity ; and that is why people are considering microdosing to be an effective treatment for their average well being , mental elasticity and health.

.Do NOT consume more than one microdose per day ;

.Make sure you have some days of rest throughout your microdosing plan , so that your system won’t build up tolerance to the substance;

.Different schools of thought can be applied : either take one microdose and then have two days of rest before the next intake, or microdose for 5 consecutive days and then rest for 2 days before the next session.

.Do NOT combine with other drugs/alcohol or medications . Always consult your doctor if you are following any other treatment.

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